Goals for St. Mark’s IV is the result of thousands of hours of work from hundreds of community members, including students, parents, alumni, Trustees, faculty, staff, volunteers, and friends.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the many individuals who contributed to this important project.


Katherine R. Crow
Vice President, Board of Trustees, Parent of Alumni

Alan C. Schoellkopf, Jr. ’91
Trustee, Parent

Cynthia F. Smith
Former Trustee, Parent of Alumni

A. Michael Warnecke ’87
Trustee, Parent 

Faculty Members

John Ashton
Associate Headmaster

David P. Baker
Director of Admission & Financial Aid, Parent of Alumnus

Teri Broom
First Grade Faculty, Parent, Parent of Alumnus

David W. Dini
Eugene McDermott Headmaster

D. Scott Gonzalez
Faculty Senior Master, English & Humanities Teacher

Scott Hunt
Arnold E. Holtberg Master Teaching Chair

Kathryn W. Mallick
Lower School Administrative Assistant, Former Trustee, Parent, Parent of Alumni
Marsha L. McFarland
Cecil H. and Ida Green Master Teaching Chair

John S. Mead
Eugene McDermott Master Teaching Chair in Science

Paul A. Mlakar
Director of Academic Information Systems, Math Teacher

Nicholas D. Sberna
Former Faculty Member

Mark Sullivan
Director of Physical & Experiential Education

Martin F. Stegemoeller
Malcolm K. and Minda Brachman Master Teaching Chair

Kurt J. Tholking
Computer Science Teacher, Parent

Suzanne Townsend
Chief Financial Officer

Bruce C. Westrate
Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Master Teaching Chair

James R. Womack ’98
Director of Development, Parent

Community Members

Pallavi D. Chavda
Former Trustee, Parent of Alumni

Drew Clancy ’84
Former Trustee

William Douglas Graue ’84
Trustee, Parent of Alumnus

Jeffrey S. Hillier ’76
Trustee, Parent of Alumni

Vera R. Ingram
Trustee, Parent, Parent of Alumnus

M. Dean Itani ’11

Amee M. Joshi
Trustee, Parent

Eric E. Kusin ’00

Christen E. J. Lee ’96
Former Trustee
Fraser E. Marcus ’72
Trustee, Parent

Jon L. Mosle III ’79
Trustee, Parent of Alumnus

Gjon N. Nivica, Jr.
Trustee, Parent

Elizabeth B. Perry-Miller

Karen S. Pollock
Former Trustee, Parent of Alumnus

Veeral K. Rathod ’97

Helene C. Rudberg
Former Trustee, Parent of Alumnus

J. Carl Sewell III ’02

Abigail Williams

Taylor H. Wilson ’81
Trustee, Parent of Alumnus

About Goals for St. Mark's IV

Goals for St. Mark’s IV is the fourth statement of strategic goals for St. Mark’s School of Texas. Goals IV was adopted by the School’s Board of Trustees on January 10, 2017, and it replaces Goals for St. Mark’s III, which guided the School for more than a decade.