Assemble the most qualified student body from a broadly diverse pool of applicants who exhibit intellectual curiosity, strong character, and a desire to contribute to St. Mark’s in meaningful ways.
Marksmen bring to campus a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints. A dynamic learning environment encourages students to share their experiences and prepares them for an increasingly diverse society and a global economy.

At St. Mark’s, we treat one another with great care and respect, honoring our important differences while at the same time focusing on the common values and principles that unite us. We will continue to expand our outreach to find the best and brightest boys and endeavor to make it possible for them to enroll, contribute, and thrive.

To achieve this goal, we will...

List of 2 items.

  • A. Evaluate and strengthen our admission practices to attract, enroll, and retain the most qualified students.

    1. Broaden and increase our pool of applicants from across the greater Dallas area.
    2. Ensure that each admitted student demonstrates strong academic potential and a commitment to St. Mark’s core values.
    3. Seek to identify students with a wide variety of talents, strengths, and abilities who will thrive and contribute in our community.
    4. Expand the admission office outreach efforts to communicate with a wider range of prospective applicants.
    5. Expand the annual assessment of progress toward strategic enrollment objectives.
  • B. Increase the availability of financial support at St. Mark’s in order to enroll the most qualified students, regardless of financial need.

    1. Substantially increase restricted and unrestricted endowment to strengthen the School’s commitment to admitting and supporting the most qualified students. 
    2. Increase the available financial aid budget by at least fifty percent above current levels to support a greater number of students and families. 
    3. Ensure that the financial aid program includes support for both tuition assistance and ancillary costs associated with student life and co-curricular opportunities.
    4. Communicate all available funding opportunities more effectively. 
    5. Strengthen the annual and long-term evaluation of and reporting on financial aid initiatives.

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  • C. Develop a long-term strategy to slow tuition escalation and improve access and affordability.

    1. Research and identify additional ways that the School can manage the escalation of tuition, while also maintaining the strength, depth, and support of programs and faculty.
    2. Explore academic partnerships, corporate partnerships, online classes, and other collaborative learning opportunities designed to enhance the School’s programs, while also generating additional revenue or containing costs.

About Goals for St. Mark's IV

Goals for St. Mark’s IV is the fourth statement of strategic goals for St. Mark’s School of Texas. Goals IV was adopted by the School’s Board of Trustees on January 10, 2017, and it replaces Goals for St. Mark’s III, which guided the School for more than a decade.